Hello Jordan Neighborhood

Here’s a place just for Jordan residents to share. The picture above is from a photo of Jordan’s community garden at the corner of 26th and Knox Avenues North. The picture was taken a couple of years ago.

Right now, Jordan is going through a really tough time. Leadership has largely blocked community participation. Despite the fact that the neighborhood bylaws require a minimum of four general membership meetings a year, the board has discontinued them. So things are not going well. Residents are asking questions. Board members are annoyed that residents are doing so.

At the 8/13 board meeting, the board’s position became very clear. Currently, community members are allowed to speak during a 5 minute period prior to any board business being conducted. At the 8/13 board meeting, one board member made a motion to add time after the board’s agenda items to allow community input/comment on the meeting activities so the board could hear what residents had to say on the topics discussed. The motion was defeated by a vote of 5 to 3. This board wants no community input.

So here’s your opportunity to have your say and comment on what is going on in Jordan, to voice your concerns. If you have trouble posting here, you may need to get a free WordPress username and password (click on the WordPress link under “Blogroll” in the rightmost column on this page).



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