ShotSpotter Camera Helps with Hillside Homicide

Hello Jordan Community

This is an email I received from Lt Rugel, Sector Lt regarding the Shot spotter/Camera @ Hillside Ave North and Illion Ave.

Todd Heintz, JACC Board Member

If you are referring to the homicide that occurred last month, the camera at Hillside and Illion was working and functioned exactly as expected.

At the moment of the shooting it was not pointed at the location where the shooting occurred. This is to be expected because the camera has a 360 degree range of motion, and it would be sheer coincidence to have it pointed at the exact location of a particular incident in the middle of the block.

When the shot was fired Shot Spotter detected it and directed the camera to re-point to the location of the shot. It did this and focused on the scene where the victim was down. Because it appears this was a drive by shooting, the vehicle was traveling fast enough that by the time the camera could re-point it was already gone…a servo motor on a camera can only go so fast.

However, another camera in the array was also redirected by Shot spotter to point in the general area of the shot. This camera captured a vehicle leaving the area at high speed, and it is believed that this was the suspect vehicle. That is where the description of a red SUV (released to the media) came from.

Lt. Jeff Rugel

Minneapolis Police 4th Pct


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