Ben Myers Seeks JACC’s Insurance to Cover His Fees

In another convoluted twist, Ben Myers has contacted JACC’s commercial liability insurance company and filed a claim for reimbursement of his legal fees in the lawsuit he filed against three Jordan residents.  His lawsuit against three residents is for defamation of character but appears to fall more closely into the anti-SLAPP realm (SLAPP = strategic lawsuits against public participation).  Minnesota has an anti-SLAPP law prohibiting people from using lawsuits as a way to intimidate people and keep them from participating in public activities like citizen engagement.  When Jordan residents kept questioning the JACC board’s actions and demanded to inspect the JACC books, as allowed by law, Mr. Myers singled out three of the more vocal residents to sue for defamation.

The three residents have filed a counterclaim against Mr. Myers.  It is this counterclaim that he wishes to have covered by JACC’s liability policy.  And whose fees would it cover?  Well, the last time there was a court appearance in this case, Mr. Myers was representing himself.  So, it appears, Mr. Myers is filing a claim to pay himself for the activities that resulted from his own lawsuit against Jordan residents.   He was originally represented by Kristy McNeely, an attorney who graduated from the same law school as Mr. Myers.  However, in his deposition on Sunday, he seemed to hardly know who she was when asked.  So it seems unlikely she is still his attorney in this matter.  All recent paperwork submitted by him in this case has been signed by Mr. Myers and notarized by his law partner.

But Mr. Myers boldness didn’t stop there.  He told the insurance company that if there is a deductible to be paid, they should bill the JACC office for that.


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