Clean Sweep Leaves Jordan a Little Lighter

Clean Sweep was a big success.  Jordan is lighter by several thousand pounds of trash removed from its streets.  A total of 148 tires were collected from Jordan alleys.  Thank you to the sixteen volunteers who accompanied the trucks and did the heavy lifting.  Thank you, too, to the Hennepin County Sentenced to Service crew who did a great job on 26th, Emerson, Penn and Lowry Avenues.  Thanks to Bob Hodson (muffins), Anne McCandless (brownies) and Dottie Titus (scones) for the breakfast goodies.  Thank you to Rainbow for the hot dogs and Cub Foods for the buns and chips donated for a light BBQ after the hard work was over.  Thanks to the City of Minneapolis for sending two fine drivers along with their trucks.  Finally, thanks to all the neighbors who toted their trash to their alley for pickup.

For those who littered our streets with the stuff the volunteers picked up, please notice how pretty things looks now and see if you don’t like living in a clean neighborhood better.  It kind of feels good, doesn’t it?


2 Responses

  1. Bob – you made muffins? I am impressed.

  2. Thank you to all my wonderful neighbors! I missed helping at this event but I saw the efforts of your hard work pay off! Jordan is a wonderful neighborhood with wonderful homes and wonderful people!

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