In all the discussions about lawsuits, missing records, financial mismanagement and other problems, something important has been missed:  JACC is back!

Yesterday marked the 4-month anniversary of the new board at Jordan Area Community Council.  4 months.  120 days.  It’s a good time to review just what has been accomplished by the new board, which has consisted of ten working members and five who haven’t participated because they are suing the current board’s executive committee members, the city, NRP, etc.  So what has JACC accomplished so far?  Here are some of their accomplishments to date:

  1. Raised $10,000 in grant money from a private foundation.
  2. Published a newsletter and mailed it to all households in Jordan (the first formal newsletter in a very long time).
  3. Scheduled a community forum for May 21, 2009.  This will be the first community forum (other than the annual meetings) in nearly two years.  The bylaws require at least four a year, including the annual meeting, so we have a lot of catching up to do!
  4. Held a prostate cancer education/screening workshop for 113 people.
  5. Updated the Jordan web site (www.jordanmpls.org) to provide more content and bring it up to date.
  6. Held a Clean Sweep on May 9th.
  7. Developed the Jordan Advantage Program to help get vacant/foreclosed properties in Jordan into the hands of homeowners.
  8. Joined with the Cleveland, Folwell, Hawthorne and McKinley neighborhoods to obtain the Lowry Great Streets grant, which will draw development and businesses to Lowry Avenue, Jordan’s northern border.
  9. Participated in the Northside Home Fair in March.
  10. Have scheduled a public meeting on June 15th to get community input on the design for the 26th Avenue Greenway.
  11. Begun plans to redesign the community garden and have met to discuss other possible community garden locations within Jordan.
  12. Re-established the Public Safety Committee.
  13. Published the schedule of all JACC meetings and opened up the Executive Committee meetings to public attendance.  There are five active committees meeting monthly as well as the JACC board itself.
  14. Begun negotiations with Hennepin County for renewal of the lease of the Probation House.

In addition to the above, of course, all the following activities have also been done in trying to straighten out the mess they inherited:

  1. Moved JACC’s checking funds to a new account to prevent unauthorized use when the checkbook was removed (apparently by either the former executive director or executive committee members).
  2. Paid the arrears on all bills:  rent, gas, electric, telephone, insurance.
  3. Hired a forensic auditor to determine the status of JACC’s funds.
  4. Filed the 2008 IRS Form 990 (they learned in April that it had not been filed when due last October).
  5. Renewed JACC’s corporate registration with the State of Minnesota (had not been done for two years).
  6. Re-established telephone service to the office when the former executive director had it shut off.
  7. And many, many more items too numerous to mention here.

All of this work has been done by volunteers.  JACC is preparing to hire some part-time help, but all of the work listed above was done by the new board members and community volunteers.  The amazing thing is that it is beginning to feel like it used to:  JACC is functioning, the community is allowed to participate, and things are getting done.  For 120 days, these are huge accomplishments, especially when you realize that a lot of the executive committee’s time has been taken up responding to legal proceedings begun by the ousted executive committee that used to run the old board.  There have been numerous requests for documentation, hours of meetings with attorneys and days in court.

We finally have a board that is working for us, the community, again.  Community members are welcomed at board meetings and allowed to speak.  The good old days are returning when everyone was treated with respect, when the bylaws were followed, and Jordan was a place to be proud of.  Thank you, JACC board!


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    This is a really nice update to read and get filled in on some of the things that happen in public meetings, but more so of the many many things that take place in mundane day to day operations, like the hours and hours spent on making a 4 page newsletter!

    Thank you JACC volunteers!

    Let’s all make a pledge to reach out to a new neighbor, business owner, employee here in the neighborhood and invite them to come take part, participate, join a committee, get involved.

    Remember there are so many ways to be involved and contribute to your neighborhood! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS TO BE INVOLVED! Most of us are not.

    (And thank you much Dottie!)

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