Jill Clark & Jerry Moore Sue Johnny Northside & Don Allen

Yes, Jerry Moore was let go from UROC.   And now, I’ve been told, Jill Clark and Jerry Moore have sued John Hoff, known for his blog site http://adventuresofjohnnynorthside.blogspot.com, and Don Allen, VP and General Manager of V-Media Marketing Agency and editor of the Independent Business News Network.  I was told the suit was for defamation of character.  The parade of lawsuits stemming from Ben Myers’ and Jerry Moore’s association with JACC just keeps going.  This is lawsuit #4.  Lawsuit #1 was Ben Myers’ lawsuit against Dennis Wagner, Megan Goodmundson and Anne McCandless for defamation of character.  Lawsuit #2 was the lawsuit by the “old majority” (Ben Myers, EB Brown, Steve Jackson, Robert Scott, and a host of others) against the “new majority” (Michael Browne, Vladimir Monroe, Robert Hodson, Anne McCandless, City Council Members Barb Johnson and Don Samuels, and others) and was an attempt to return control of JACC to the “old majority.”  Lawsuit #3 was Al Flowers’ lawsuit against Don Samuels stemming from the JACC press conference on January 17th.  Now we have Lawsuit #4 stemming, one assumes, from comments John Hoff and Don Allen have made about Jerry Moore in the AdventuresofJohnnyNorthside blog.

If all the money for attorney fees that this crew (Ben Myers, Jerry Moore and Jill Clark) are bleeding from Jordan residents, the city, insurance companies and, potentially, John Hoff and Don Allen, could have gone for other more charitable projects, it could have done a lot of good!


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  1. These continuous lawsuits add up to nothing more than HARRASSMENT.

    Let it be known, let it be out there on the internet – WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED! Our freedom of speech, freedom to organize and assemble, freedom of opinion will not be squashed.

    Our passion and commitment to the neighborhood and to justice is way stronger than any fear of being sued… oh wait, there is no fear of being sued, so of course it’s stronger.

    Sometimes one does not need any help in the area of defamation – one’s own actions speak louder than any words of another.

    It’s a good day to be an American citizen in NoMi.


  3. To correct you, Jerry Moore is suing V-Media Development Corporation, Inc. A Minnesota Non-Profit Agency and Don Allen for exposing his unsound business practices. Nothing has been filed in court, just a request for a response in 20 days.

    This request for information is not connected to the Agency or IBNN in any way, shape or form = Look for the full details on Tuesday at IBNN.org.

    Jerry Moore has run his course – I’m the wrong one.

    • Umm, Don, a little wake-up call is in order here. It is a small miracle that you haven’t been dragged into court and muzzled a long time ago. You have made very personal attacks against employees and board members of the U of M, General Mills, MPR, Northway Community Trust, Insight News, MTN, NMTF, KDWB, Urban League, Hennepin County, City of Mpls, etc, etc, etc.

      A person with that many grievances is a person with their own serious problems. Most people don’t know whether to pity you or despise you, but they sure don’t trust you. Your targets are not afraid of you and know your incessant rants have little or no substance. Some even keep you ‘in the loop’ so you stay away from nipping at their heels. Nonetheless, you do damage to the good efforts of others by crossing the line of civility time and again. You are a big part of the problem in North Minneapolis, and it’s time you are called out in a very public way.

      I don’t care who is bringing action against you, I’m just glad it’s about to happen.

  4. Thanks for the correction Anne. By my count this is lawsuit #6.? I was the first of many to be dragged into court by these fools. I am afraid they will continue these slapp suits until they are shut down. SLAPP is something new I learned this year… Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.

    • Hey Daniel,

      As someone who was forwarded your nasty, name-calling accusatory emails from last year, I think you richly DESERVED to be brought to court on harassment charges. I was ticked off at your hubris in trying to drag the Northside GLBT crowd into your personal vendetta against Jerry Moore and those who had associations with him. I hope you’ve learned by now not to manipulate GLBT’ers into believing your adversaries participate in hate speech because you are trying to build support against them.

      • I have heard from others who have heard occasional “hate speech” from Mr. Moore and have observed some pretty nasty remarks myself. While Daniel can occasionally go “over the top” in his comments (in my opinion), that doesn’t make it fair for someone to take out a restraining order against him for doing his job as a board member. They are separate issues. Many of us had been trying to see the financial data behind JACC’s reports for the past three years. Daniel stood up at a board meeting and reiterated his request, noting that he had been asking for four months, and yes he did shake his finger at Mr. Moore from about 20 feet away while saying something to the effect of, “I want that information.” I don’t always agree with Daniel either, but he has worked very hard on behalf of the Jordan neighborhood. That also deserves to be recognized.

  5. You forgot restraining order #1 filed by Jerry Moore against one of his bosses (a point he failed to mention to the judge) Dan Rother. Then there is restraining order #2 filed by Peter Rickmeyer aka Stephenson, registered level three sex offender and observed by several folks having cozy chats with Jill Clark ) against P.J Hubbard, another JACC board member. Both of these were shot down in court, but they still cost valuble time and money.

    It appears that this small group of people, some of whom don’t even live in North Minnapolis, are waging a campaign to silence anyone who has the audacity to disagree with them and criticize their actions. While Jill Clark will defend Al Flowers’ First Ammendment right to free speach, she seems to have little regard for the free speach rights of others. It is not defamation if it is true, folks.

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