4th of July Neat and Clean

There were lots of fireworks last night.  No matter where you went, you were surrounded by the sound of explosions and the beauty of the starry displays.  I spent about 5 hours at Logan Pond with neighbors and friends.  It’s a great place to view fireworks both local and not-so-local.  Residents tend to put on a pretty good display by aiming the fireworks over the pond, which is big enough that things don’t carry beyond it.  But watching the horizon also paid off.  There were spectacular displays to the northeast, northwest and southwest.  We couldn’t see the Minneapolis fireworks (southeast) because of all the trees where we sat, but what we saw was well worth watching.

Neighbors gathered at the south end of the pond for a barbecue and pot luck dinner.  It was a beautiful evening.

I understand a similar gathering was going on at Jordan Park, about 4 blocks northeast of where we sat.  One neighbor of Jordan Park was out early this morning and was dismayed at the huge amount of trash scattered all over the park.  She was very pleased, however, when she looked again a few hours later and noted that the park was again neat and clean.  Kudos to those who partied at Jordan Park and picked up all their party remains this morning!  It’s nice to have great neighbors in a great neighborhood!


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