Local Churches in Foreclosure

The sermon at the church I attend on Sundays included mention of how churches in North Minneapolis are struggling.  It was stated that New Salem Baptist Church in Hawthorne has gone into foreclosure, brought about partly by the purchase of a warehouse to be used in establishing a charter school that didn’t make it.  Also mentioned was Holding Forth The Word (HFTW) Church on West Broadway.  The pastor said the church has been looking for space to hold its services.  This church foreclosure will likely have some impact on Jordan…. HFTW had been buying up property along West Broadway on both sides of the avenue.  It had submitted a plan to the Jordan Area Community Council (JACC) to build a 50+ unit apartment building on the Jordan side of West Broadway to house low income families.  That plan was recently submitted a second time to the JACC Housing Committee.  At that time, a number of ways JACC could support the building were mentioned, including partnering with HFTW to pay for the project.  No action was taken by JACC at the time.  HFTW owns an apartment building on the Jordan side of West Broadway and had purchased one or more lots adjacent to that building and was hoping to include a couple of CPED-owned lots on the other side of it.


2 Responses

  1. How can they ask for money and expand when they
    are going into forclosure for the building they are using?

    As a private citizen I can’t do that. Well, not any more…

    • I think their attempts to expand were their undoing. Those requests happened prior to their going into foreclosure. As far as I know, they are not looking for money now unless it is to redeem their foreclosed properties. The request for JACC support of the proposed low-income housing on W. Broadway was made several months (if not a year) ago.

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