Police Activity at 27th & Penn Avenues

I was sound asleep on Sunday morning when the voices woke me between 5 and 6 a.m.  “Get down on the ground!  Get down on the ground now!!”  It’s amazing how fast you wake up when people are shouting right outside your house.  Three police officers had a suspect on the ground on the sidewalk between my house and the one next door.  They were in a hurry.  They searched him and got him to his feet after three attempts to do so.  Those baggy pants that hang so low are definitely an impediment to getting up off the ground when your hands are handcuffed behind you. By the time the suspect was on his feet, … his pants were nearly down to his knees.

The officers demanded, “What did you do with the gun?”  “I don’t have a gun.”  “You already told us you had a gun.  What did you do with it?”  I don’t think they got an answer.    He was hustled to a waiting police car, which took off as soon as he was inside.  The three officers then raced across Penn and across the vacant corner lot toward Oliver.  A few minutes later, a police car came north on Penn and paused, then went over the curb across a vacant lot on the 2600 block of Penn, heading toward the alley behind Oliver.

A neighbor called a short time later to report that someone in a red Pontiac Grand Am had driven up to the duplex across the street (2712/2714 Penn) where a guy on the sidewalk walked across the front yard to the corner where the stairs join the building..  There, he picked up something, took it to the person in the car who immediately left the area.  Was it the gun the police sought?  The neighbor said it looked to be something small and white (perhaps a bag of dope?).

Still problems at 2712/2714 Penn.  Seven years of continuous problems.  Lately there are a lot of cars driving up to the front of the building.  The driver exits the car and then stands in front of the building yelling up to the open large window on the second flooor.  It sometimes takes 5 minutes or more before someone comes to the window.  There is a short conversation, then someone comes downstairs to the door to let the visitor in.   It’s one of those short visits, and the car is usually gone in another 3-5 minutes.  I wonder what they are doing up there? (a bit of sarcasm here).

And still problems at 2707 Penn Ave.  Bob Zeman is the landlord there.  Now that he has rented to an older lady with two kids, he seemed to think it would be quieter.  But she is the mother of the former tenant, who comes by daily to hang out.  Worse, the number of men parking in the driveway and going in and out of the house has doubled since she moved in.  They usually have their car radios blasting so loud that it rattles the windows on my house two doors away.  They block the alley if the driveway is full or block the neighbor’s car in her driveway.  And after this morning’s police activity, the tenant was observed pacing on the sidewalk outside telling someone their grandson had just been picked up.

Just two more properties to clean up before we get this block to what it should be:  2712/2714 and 2707.


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