JACC Board Meeting 8/13/09

The JACC Board of Directors conducted its regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, 8/13/09, and covered a lot of ground.  Nine board members were present and six or seven members of the community/funders, etc., also attended.  These are my notes of what transpired, so if corrections are needed, let me know.  These are not the official minutes, which were taken by Dave Haddy while Anne McCandless chaired the meeting.

The Pohlad Foundation (Terry Egge) gave a presentation on their activities in Jordan and what is coming up:

  • The bench that was placed in Cottage Park has run afoul of official regulations because permission wasn’t sought to replace the one that was stolen.  The Park Board has asked that JACC take on the liability for this bench.  In the interim, the Ackerberg Group has agreed to cover it.  Another case of “No good deed goes unpunished.”
  • The $250,000 in home improvement loan funds for the Cottage Park cluster has been maxed out.  There is still money in the Jordan home improvement fund for the cluster(s).
  • A beautification project is planned for September 25-26 and may consist of some painting, a little cement work, lots of clean up.  This will be for rental and city property as well as owner-occupied homes.  The goal is to further clean up Cottage Park, and will include the alley behind Hillside.
  • Hearts and Hammers will have a large number of people working in the area on September 26.
  • Three houses across from the JACC offices are scheduled for demolition soon.
  • There was a minor problem with the planters on James Avenue.  Someone found cocaine stashed in one of the planters and turned it in to the police.  The next day, an unknown person(s) tore all the flowers out of the planter, perhaps in retaliation for their stash being removed.  The flowers were replanted/replaced.
  • The re-dedication of the community garden at 26th and Knox will happen at 4 p.m. on August 22nd.

Dottie Titus gave a presentation on what has been accomplished in getting the accounting records in order.  The checkbook is up to date through the end of the fiscal year.  Hennepin County has been billed for 9 months rent on the Probation House ($13,500).  Financial information has been pulled together so JACC can apply for the remainder of its CDBS funds from last year ($6,731).  Financial information to complete the final report for the McKnight grant was also provided.  A draft balance sheet and statement of revenue and expense was distributed for the fiscal year ended 5/31/09.  JACC is slated to receive $18,947 in CDBG funds for the current calendar year.  JACC must deal with the outstanding grievances and prepare a budget before that money can be accessed.  In total, JACC should have access to roughly $64,000 but needs to get serious about fundraising.

The board voted to extend Ms. Titus’s contract for another 20 hours, to include the 5 hours she worked over and above the original 20 in the contract.  Setting up a new QuickBooks database with a streamlined chart of accounts and getting the checkbook up to date and a number of other tasks are included.

Ms. McCandless reminded the board that there are some large bills expected, including payment of $10,000 toward the legal costs of the Ben Myers lawsuit against the executive board and city of Minneapolis (this is the deductible for the directors and officers insurance policy), $1,500 for the insurance on the Probation House, and a potential penalty of $4,300 to the IRS because the former executive director did not file the 990 tax return for fiscal 2008.   A letter is being prepared requesting the IRS waive the penalty.

Ms. McCandless also reported that St. Anne’s Senior Housing has withdrawn their request that JACC waive interest payments on the $30,000 it lent St. Anne’s.  The first annual payment ($944) will be made shortly.  St. Anne’s plans to turn the two commercial spaces on the first floor into two live/work artist residences.  These spaces front on West Broadway.  They also plan to add a kitchenette to the meeting area near the fireplace on the first floor.  They are asking CPED for a little over $300,000 to fund this and asked JACC for a letter of support for their request.  The board voted to send a letter of support.

Ms. McCandless reported that Ascension Place, a shelter for women and children behind St. Anne’s church, has asked for a letter of support as they seek city funding to renovate their kitchen.  The board voted to send a letter of support.

The date for the forensic audit review is 8/27.

The Housing Committee report was given by Daniel Rother covered the 26th Avenue North Bikeway/Greenway.  Urban Homeworks wants to rehab 2025 Emerson and 2119 James Avenue and is seeking city funding.  A letter of support was requested.  In addition, the committee is working with Rebuilding Together to plan for two projects next year, one in the spring and one in the fall, that would bring a number of volunteers to work in Jordan to help homeowners fix up their homes.  They ask that these projects be clustered so they can set up a single staging area and work on a number of homes in that area.

The board voted to move the October Annual Meeting from the third Thursday (10/15) to the fourth Thursday (10/22).  October is one of those months where the first falls on Thursday, so the Housing Committee is scheduled for 10/13 and the board on 10/14.  Having yet another meeting that week would reduce attendance at the other two meetings, so it was moved to the following week.

The Staffing Committee has resumes in many hands for the open position in the JACC office.  Vlad volunteered to collect all the resumes and get copies to everyone on the Staffing Committee.

The Probation House was discussed.  JACC must refinance this loan, which falls due in September.  There are also additional repairs that need to be made, including possible replacement of leaky basement windows or frames.  Tyrone Jaramillo offered to help with repair work and will talk with the Probation House occupants.

Ms. McCandless read the letter she had prepared for CPED about the outstanding grievances.  The letter acknowledges that the grievances against the previous board were valid and that appropriate changes have been made to ensure these infractions do not occur in the future.  Further, the individuals responsible for past infractions are no longer involved in JACC.

A Harvest Festival will be held on October 10th to celebrate the completion of Lowry Avenue.  It will be hosted by North End Hardware.  JACC will have a booth there.

A Nominating Committee was appointed to begin the process of accepting nominations for the October annual election of board members.  Nine slots will be open.  Board members who volunteered to work on the committee area Todd Heintz, Dave Haddy, Vladimir Monroe and Tyrone Jaramillo.  Dottie Titus volunteered as a community member.  It was suggested that Megan Goodmundson would also like to work on this committee, and a space on the committee was reserved for her since she was not present (she subsequently confirmed that she would like to serve on this committee).  The first meeting of the Nominating Committee will be Monday, 8/17 at 6:30 p.m. at the JACC office.

The meeting adjourned about 8:30 p.m.


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