Why you should go to the garden on Saturday

This is a reminder about the Jordan community garden re-dedication on Saturday, 8/22 at 4 p.m. at 26th and Knox.  Why should you go?  First, to honor the work of youth in creating the new arch–and they are very talented young people (visit the new bench in Cottage Park to see just how good they are).  They have put in many hours to create the new arch. This has been done under the auspices of the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Project, which is financially supported by the Pohlad Foundation.  Also to honor the gift of Tree Trust in furnishing the plants and labor (along with a number of volunteers) that went into the garden’s latest transformation.

Second, to honor the role the garden has played in cleaning up this part of our community as well as honoring the many, many hours residents have spent tending the garden.

Third, and very important, is to honor the work of the Pohlad Foundation in our neighborhood.  The Foundation has been actively involved in the Cottage Park cluster, donating money, food for events, time and massive effort to support the transformation of that part of Jordan.  It has provided $250,000 in funding to help homeowners in that area beautify their homes.  It has provided an even larger amount of money in the form of forgivable loans to encourage people to buy foreclosed properties in Jordan and to stay as residents of this neighborhood (the loans are forgivable if the recipient stays in the home for seven years).  It is sponsoring a large clean up/spruce up/fix up activity for 2 days in September.  The Pohlad Foundation has taken the Jordan neighborhood  under its wing, and coming to the garden re-dedication is perhaps the best way we can show our appreciation for their investment in our neighborhood.  It’s a way to say, “Thank you.”

Finally, there will be entertainment and good times.  Please come and join us!


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