Nominating Committee Minutes 8/17/09

Here are the minutes of the first meeting of the JACC Nominating Committee on 8/17/09:

Nominating Committee Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2009

6:30 pm

JACC Office

Attendees: Megan Goodmundson, Dottie Titus, Dave Haddy

Absent:                  Tyrone Jaramillo (communicated absence), Vlad Monroe (communicated absence), Todd Heintz

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m.

There was a lack of quorum, so it was decided the three present members would discuss and start some tasks, but it would be provisional until quorum at next meeting.

Tasks that needed to get going included: – pick a committee chair; -plan schedule of future meetings; -get ad prepared for North news; Find a location for annual meeting

Committee Chair:  Dave Haddy nominated Megan.  Megan nominated Dottie. Dottie and Megan discussed chair & secretary roles. Megan agreed to be secretary if Dottie would be chair. The three members agreed on this and would make motion at next meeting with quorum.

Meeting schedules: It looks like Monday is a good day to meet; on a weekly basis for now; perhaps will cut a few meetings once work is done/under way. Schedule will be 6:30pm at JACC house; 8/24, 8/31, 9/14; 9/21; 9/28; 10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/22.

North news ad:  Need to get ad in paper soon as deadline is approaching. Dave to contact NN for deadline and current rates. Dottie to work on preparing current ad. Discussion around what date to use for nominee’s to submit application info by. A calendar was used to determine September 18, 2009 should be the best date for deadline.

Meeting location: Dave suggested Garden of Gethsemane – he will contact to scope it out and get info. Megan suggested possibly new Pohlad building on W.B’way. She will contact and find out if it’s going to be ready.

Action Items/Tasks from 8-17-09 Nom Comm




Megan Get application form from Hawthorne for example Next meeting
Megan Check with Pohlad’s re:building Next meeting
Megan Check with Sheila R; tc daily planet ASAP
Megan Put out open nomm announcement on online lists When wording is done
Dave Call NN for pricing/deadline info ASAP
Dave Scope out GofG church location One or two weeks
Dottie Send out committee contact info Soon
Dottie Do the NN adl put on blog and website Soon

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