Nominating Committee Minutes 8/24/09

Nominating Committee Meeting Minutes

August 24, 2009

6:30 pm

JACC Office

Attendees: Megan Goodmundson, Dottie Titus, Todd Heintz

Absent:                  Tyrone Jaramillo, Vlad Monroe, Dave Haddy

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

There was a lack of quorum, and discussion around how to proceed. Members present decided to update and report on last week’s action items and make some new assignments for this week. Dottie will email Board Chair about quorum and committee members, specifically number of members.

The meeting minutes from last week were reviewed as a draft and a few corrections were needed. Dottie moved to accept the minutes with the proposed corrections. Todd seconded, unanimous vote.

Megan will make corrections and publish to community.

North News ad; all members should review the email and let Dottie know if there are any changes or suggestions.

Megan will continue to work on the application/nomination form and submit to committee for approval

Discussion around how to collect the nomination forms. It was decided that any forms received by mail at the JACC office will be set aside and Todd Heintz will be the committee member in charge of collecting and maintaining these records.  When the verification of eligibility process begins, Todd will head that up with guidance from Megan if needed.

The timeline for getting the postcard out in the mail in compliance with the by-laws was reviewed. Meeting is on 10/22, postcard should hit mailboxes on 10/12, postcard should be submitted to mailing house on 10/7.  Application deadline is 9/18. All verification and vetting will take place between 9/18 and 10/5.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm

Action Items/Tasks from 8-24-09 Nom Comm.




Megan Continue working on application form ASAP
Megan Put out open nomination announcement on online lists ASAP
Todd Will collect Nom forms As they arrive
Todd Send out reminder email to committee members 1 day before next meeting
Dottie Submit ad to NN for publication ASAP
Dottie Create agenda for next meeting Before next meeting
Dottie Post ad to Jordan Livability blog and JACC web site ASAP

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