2712/2714 Penn Ave Vacant for Past 1-2 Weeks – Quiet

What relief!  The duplex at 2712/2714 Penn Ave N has been empty for more than a week.  It’s been quiet.  For the first week, prostitution was noticeably less on the corner of 27th and Penn.  It’s been picking up a bit in the last couple of days, but then crime will always attempt to fill a vacuum.  Those who used to sell at 2700 Morgan need to find a new place to stand.  As I drove to church yesterday, I saw an older car with license number _CA-12_ (the last number was either 5 or 8  ) stop and pick  up one of the prettier gals that were out.  He was dressed really nice in a white dress shirt, too.  I think she was giving him a sample as I followed themnorth to Lowry.  His driving got kind of erratic for part of a block before they turned east on Lowry.

It’s still a good feeling to know that the city has taken action on 2712/2714.  Now if we can get something done about 2707 Penn, this part of Penn is gong to be really nice.


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