Nominating Committee Minutes 8/31/09

Nominating Committee Meeting Minutes

August 31, 2009

6:30 pm

JACC Office


ATTENDANCE: D Haddy, D Titus, T Jaramillo, T Heintz,


D Haddy motioned to accept agenda. T Heintz seconded. Unanimously approved.


T Heintz motioned to accept, D Haddy seconded. Unanimously approved.


V Monroe rumored to be resigning from committee, but no one knows for sure

Final Nomination packet waiting on M Goodmunson to turn it in

Check phone messages – Dave H.

Check mail – T Heintz

Send applications to applicants as we get them – T Heintz/T Jaramillo

Process for vetting candidates will be the same as last year.

LOCATIONS: check on possible use of space

  • Gethsemane – D Haddy
  • 1200 W. Broadway – not ready in time
  • St Olaf – T Jaramillo
  • Library – D Haddy


  • annual report from board, financial report, committee reports
  • Food? Serve a meal if we can pull resources together

FUTURE MEETINGS things to accomplish:

ballot design, mailings, bios of candidates, supplies, id tags, who mans the sign in table?

Motion to adjourn – T Heintz, Seconded T Jaramillo Unanimously carried.


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