Nominating Committee Minutes 9/14/09

Nominating Committee Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2009

6:30 pm

JACC Office

Attendees: Megan Goodmundson, Dottie Titus, Todd Heintz, Tyrone Jaramillo, Dave Haddy

Absent:                  none

The meeting was called to order at 6:44 p.m.

Items discussed:

  • Tyrone has found a meeting space at Parkway United Church located at 3120 Washburn Ave N, 612-522-2982. He will confirm the date and time.
  • Dottie will contact General Mills to see about any food money available
  • Dottie has been in touch and is preparing Do Good Biz for receiving and executing the mail job.
  • Vlad is no longer a member of this committee.
  • The vetting process will begin soon. Todd and Dave will work on vetting all candidates, even if they are currently serving on the board. They will seek any help/input needed from Megan.
  • Agenda for annual meeting will probably be: Welcome, Annual report, Pitch for Volunteers, Intro of Nom Comm, Elections, NRP elector selection, Committee Reports, Biko Presentation, Results.
  • We will need some impartial tellers: Jay Clark, Bob Cooper and Linda Higgins should be asked.
  • Megan, Tyrone and Todd will work the sign in tables.
  • Some elected officials should be invited but this committee decided not to invite current political candidates because of large number of candidates and a full agenda. Invite: Linda Higgins, Bobby Jo Champion, Joe Mullery.

Meeting adjourned at 7:38pm

Action Items/Tasks from 8-24-09 Nom Comm.




Megan Invite 3 electeds ASAP
Megan Make a flyer and distribute/post & Harvest Fest ASAP
Todd & Dave Start Vetting process As they arrive
Tyrone Confirm Date/time with Parkway ASAP
Dottie Get tax exempt to Do Good Biz ASAP
Dottie Check with General Mills re: food ASAP
Dottie Contact potential tellers ASAP

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