Pohlad Family Foundation Gives and Gives

The Pohlad Family Foundation has been extremely generous to the Jordan neighborhood.  This past week, they orchestrated an event to improve the Cottage Park area of the neighborhood.  A while ago, they provided funding for home improvements in the form of forgivable loans.  This week, the organized a huge volunteer effort to beautify that area, primarily on James and Hillside Avenues.  Professional contractors were on hand to assist, and there were a large number of volunteers from both inside and outside the neighborhood.  The Pohlad businesses paid the airfare for their out-of-town employees who volunteered.  The Pohlad Family Foundation paid all other expenses associated with the project, including for those volunteers who were not employees of Pohlad-owned companies.

It began with a kickoff dinner Thursday evening.  The theme was that when you show people that you care about them, they begin to care more about themselves.  And so paint, flowers, shrubs, lawn mowers, mulch and all kinds of people showed up in Cottage Park on Friday and Saturday to beautify this formerly blighted part of the Jordan neighborhood.  Chain link fences were removed from front yards where people wanted to get rid of them.  This is huge, in my opinion, because nothing says “ghetto” or “blighted” like a chain link fence in the front yards.  So Cottage Park continues its amazing restoration with the efforts of the Ackerberg Group, the Pohlad Family Foundation, Catalyst and other organizations.

And then, on a more personal note, two volunteers from the beautification project did something enormous for me.  They had heard how hard it’s been for me to keep up with my housework while battling cancer over the past couple of years.  On Sunday afternoon, after working hard on Friday and Saturday and driving folks to the airport on Sunday, they showed up at my door armed with cleaning supplies.  They scrubbed my vinyl floors, vacuumed my carpet, dusted and cleaned.  I am so grateful to them for their kindness and generosity.  It was a huge gift to me, and it was my birthday.  What a terrific present I received.

The Jordan neighborhood has been blessed in many ways with all the good things that are happening to make it a beautiful place.  Many people and organizations are working hard to help.  Today, though, I want to thank the Pohlad Family Foundation and two very special women for all that they gave.


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  1. That’s really cool. Thanks for sharing about the work that’s being done and the impact it has had on you and your neighbors.

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