Nominating Committee Minutes – 9/28/09

The  minutes from the 9/21/09 meeting are still in work–our secretary was not at that meeting.  Will post as soon as available.  Here are the minutes from the 28th.

Nominating Committee Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2009

6:30 pm

JACC Office

Attendees: Dave Haddy, Todd Heintz, Tyrone Jaramillo, Dottie Titus

Absent:            Megan Goodmundson

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m.

Items discussed:

–        No minutes were provided for 9/21/09 (Megan absent).

–        Reviewed action items:

  • Tyronne said Parkway United Church was flexible about our meeting times (will notify them we need the space by 5:30 p.m).  He will contact about how we get the key, lock up, etc.  Todd offered to pick up the key on 10/22 during his lunch break.
  • Tyronne found the name tag ribbons and will order them.  They will identify board members, nominating committee members and candidates
  • Dave, Todd and Tyronne all plan to help at the table for the Harvest Days celebration on October 10.  Megan will do flyer.  Dave offered his help if she needed it.
  • Waiting for Megan to report:  e-mail elected officials to invite; pick up neon green name tags for voters; sign-in sheets; flyer for Harvest Days Festival

–        Candidate vetting is complete.  The official list of candidates is as follows:

  • Mike McCloskey, CATALYST, employed in Jordan neighborhood
  • Keith Reitman, owns property in Jordan neighborhood
  • Lynn Riskedal, resident
  • Daniel Rother, resident
  • Dennis Wagner, resident

–        Ballot design is being done by Megan

–        Two of the three tellers have confirmed (Bob Cooper, Linda Higgins).

–        Reviewed the postcards to be sent to all eligible voters; committee approved unanimously.

–        Reviewed the agenda for the annual meeting.  There was some concern that more time may be needed for the forensic audit portion.  Dottie suggested that if that appears to be the case, we can recommend the audit be discussed at the next community forum where it could be given more time.  The agenda for the annual meeting was approved.

–        We have requested a small grant from General Mills for food for the annual meeting and some community meetings. There has not been a response yet.  Unofficial word is that we can use some JACC funds to buy food at Costco and prepare it ourselves for the meeting.  Menu to be decided at a future meeting, but we are looking at things like large pans of lasagne and salad.

Meeting adjourned at 7:08pm (moved by Dave, seconded by Todd).

Action Items/Tasks from 9-28-09 Nom Comm.




Megan Invite 2 electeds 10/5
Megan Make a flyer for Harvest Festival 10/5
Tyrone Get instructions from Parkway United on lockup 10/19
Megan/Dave Design ballot with bio info 10/5
Megan/Dottie Sign-in sheets for annual meeting 10/5
Megan Pick up name tags (neon green) 10/19

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