JACC Bylaws to Be Revised (w/Community Approval)

At the JACC Board meeting last Wednesday (11/11/09), Kip Browne suggested he tackle the task of revising the bylaws that govern the operation of the Jordan Area Community Council (JACC).  He offered to take Judge Porter’s comments made during the hearings in the lawsuit filed by the former board executive committee members and incorporate them into the bylaws.

When the bylaws revision is ready, it will be presented to the board for a vote.  If the board approves the changes, then the amended bylaws must be approved by a vote of 2/3 of the membership present at the meeting where the vote is taken.  The community must be notified at least 28 days prior to the meeting.

There are discrepancies between the Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation as to how the bylaws can be amended.

The Bylaws state in Article IX, Amendments: “These Bylaws may be amended by a vote of 2/3rds of the membership present at any general membership meeting provided the amendment(s) have been submitted in writing to JACC and notice has been given to the general membership of the proposed change at least 28 days prior to the date of meeting at which the vote will be taken.

The Articles of Incorporation state (also in Article IX, Amendments): “The Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of this organization may be amended:  provided, that the following steps are taken in succession:

1.  The proposed amendment is given to the Secretary in writing.

2.  The proposed amendment is read at a General Membership meeting.

3.  All members are given due notice by mail of the proposed amendment.

4.  Two thirds of all members present vote in favor of adopting the proposed amendment.  At least one week must pass between steps three and four.

When the current bylaws were approved by the membership in November, 2003, the process was a combination of these processes that ensured the best in member notification and time to review the changes:  Members were notified as part of the October 2003 annual meeting notification that bylaw changes had been proposed and would be presented at the annual meeting.  The bylaw changes were read at the annual meeting, they were modified at that meeting by the member motions to include two sections requiring adequate notification of JACC membership about meetings.  The bylaws were voted on at the November 2003 general membership meeting (community forum) and approved.  This gave members the opportunity to thoroughly review the  bylaws between the time they were presented and the time the vote was taken.


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