North Minneapolis Loses a Treasure

I attended the memorial service today for Reed Frentz.  He died of cancer on January 10.  Among the many other things that Reed has done, he was the Treasurer for 4PAC (4th Precinct Advisory Council) for several years.  If you attended the meetings, Reed was the tall, lanky guy who always told us how much money was left in the 4PAC bank account. But he did so much more.  There were many children at his memorial service.  When the pastor asked how many of them had done activities with Reed, they all raised their hands.  He stepped in when help was needed.  He was one of the gentlest men I’ve ever known.  His passing leaves a huge gap in North Minneapolis.  He worked quietly, often behind the scenes, content to be helping.  When I had to leave my place on the 4PAC board, Reed stepped in and took over managing the 4PAC web site.  He worked long and hard in an attempt to get 501(c)(3) exemption status for 4PAC.  I heard today how he fixed bicycles for neighborhood children. Reed didn’t want the limelight–he just wanted to help…and play with his children…and love his family.

Reed was just 42 years old and leaves behind his 2 children, his wife, his father, his mother, and his two sisters. Please hold his family in your prayers.


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