Anne McCandless Resigns from JACC Board

JACC’s Treasurer, Anne McCandless, has resigned from the board of directors.  Since late in 2006, Ms. McCandless worked tirelessly to make the “old majority” board accountable to Jordan residents for its decisions and actions.  She played an important role over the past 14 months as JACC recovered from the theft of its computer equipment and records.  She provided hours of testimony during the lawsuit against JACC by the “old majority.”  Because she has many, many years of involvement with JACC and is an excellent organizer, she provided most of the documentation that proved helpful in the case.  During the past year, she brought in a $10,000 grant from the Pohlad Foundation and took on many of the admin staff functions.  Going back to 2002/2003, it was Anne and Steven Oates who began the Jordan Livability Forum when JACC was flagging. The Livability Forum brought new life to the community and eventually merged with the formal JACC organization, resulting in a stronger neighborhood organization with greater citizen involvement.  Anne has served many years on the Housing Committee and is a Master Gardener who has worked often in Jordan’s Community Garden at 26th and Knox Avenue.  She has also represented JACC on numerous outside organizations and committees, including the Northside Home Fund Board, the Lowry Ave Great Streets Project and the Minneapolis Community Engagement Task Force.

It is with a deep sense of gratitude for her help that we bid her farewell:  You’ve done a great job, Anne.  Thank you.


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