Lawsuit #2 Decision Handed Down

Judge Charles Porter’s decision has been made (at last!).  To refresh your memory:  The lawsuit was filed by E.B. Brown, Ben Myers, Robert Scott, Shannon Hartfiel, Robert Wilson, William Brown, Dokor Dejvongsa, et. al., who are the Plaintiffs.  The lawsuit was filed against Defendants Kip Browne, Robert Hodson, P.J. Hubbard, Anne McCandless, Stacy Sorenson, JACC, the NRP, et. al.

The short version is that the Defendants won.  In a way, JACC and the city of Minneapolis were also losers.  The lawsuit cost more than $100,000 to litigate.  JACC had Directors & Officers Insurance (as do all city neighborhoods).  However, the insurer decided not to offer such insurance any long to Minneapolis neighborhoods because this one was so  expensive.  So Plaintiffs succeeded in harming not just members of JACC (the insurance policy has a $10,000 deductible that JACC must pay) but members of all neighborhoods throughout the city.  In addition, there was no order for the Plaintiffs to return JACC’s computers or records.

The entire  decision can be read here.  Click on the link below, then click on Lawsuit2Decision.pdf to download.


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