On September 16th,  there will be a community meeting for JACC members to hear a reading of the bylaw changes your Board of Directors has approved.  Changes cannot take effect until (1) there is a community meeting where the changes are read and members have the opportunity to discuss the changes  and make motions to accept or reject specific changes or vote in additional chanages, (2)  a waiting period of approximately 30 days occurs (for all of us to think about the changes some more, and (3) a second meeting is help where the membership votes to accept or reject the bylaws change in total.

This is a very important process.  In last year’s lawsuits, Judge Porter pointed to ambivalent places in the bylaws that permitted certain actions to be taken that were very harmful to JACC.  He suggested the bylaws be changed to correct this.

The old bylaws, for example, permitted someone who was actually voted OFF the board (by virtue of getting the fewest vote) was permitted not only to remain on the board but to become the vice chair.  If the chair had stepped down during the time that followed, the board of directors would have been chaired by someone who was not elected to the board nor appointed to the board.  Is this a risk we want to take again?

The proposed bylaws go way beyond what the judge recommended, and this is why all of us need to become knowledgeable of the bylaws, both what existed before and what is proposed.

To help, I am going to publish the proposed change here and then offer this space for a discussion of the  changes.  Let’s have a lively, fruitful discussion!


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  1. Hi Dottie, I believe we actually settled on the date of September 16 for this bylaws meeting. We were originally thinking 23rd but moved it to 16th.

    So September 16 at 630pm at PCYC, w hich is located at 21st and Oliver.

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