Financial Analysis – Where Did the Money Go?

This question is going to take a while to fully answer, but some more information is available now.  The bank statements for the period from June 1, 2008 through January 20, 2009 have been obtained.  They do not show who checks were paid to, so I can’t provide that information.  However, they do show who received money via JACC’s debit card or via electronic funds transfers (EFTs).  There are some absolutely reasonable payments (like payroll, taxes, utilities).  It is possible that some of the others may be legitimate, but JACC has never spent this kind of money on food unless it was for community meetings.  In those cases, the individual amounts spent were much larger.  In the past, JACC occasionally (every few months) might do a staff meal for a lunch meeting, but even then, the executive director tended to pick up the tab personally because the organization was so sensitive to its fiduciary responsibility to make sure as much of the funding as possible went into community programs.  Most of these look like a single person had a meal and beverage(s) or perhaps paid for a meal for two people.  The payments to CVS Pharmacy are curious.  They are relatively large in most cases and more frequent than one might expect for office supplies bought because of an unanticipated need.

Here’s the list for the past seven months of some things paid for with JACC funds.  :

Meals at restaurants or grocery store purchases:

Date Paid to Amount
6/4/08     Rainbow Foods                          $       31.11
6/9/08     MN Wild Concessions                         7.25
6/16/08   JD Hoyts                                              24.53
6/16/08   Tam Tams African Restaurant        52.05
6/30/08   Monte Carlo                                       43.34
7/7/08      Yuan Yuan                                          36.78
7/24/08    Red Robin                                          25.99
7/30/08    Blondies Sport, Brooklyn Park      65.89
8/13/08    Green Mill                                           31.68
9/8/08      Sunnyside Deli                                  10.39
9/8/08      Broadway Station                              31.75
9/17/08     Bean Scene Too                                39.38
9/22/08    Gabby’s Saloon                                  34.75
9/22/08    Rix Bar & Grill                                   54.25
9/29/08    Perkins in Eagan                                17.59
9/29/08    Gabby’s Saloon                                  22.75
9/29/08    Gabby’s Saloon                                  38.28
10/8/08    Papa’s Pizza                                        70.95
10/8/08    Cub Foods                                           69.94
10/21/08  Bean Scene Too                                   12.54
10/21/08  Broadway Station                               20.72
10/30/08 Peninsula                                               16.91
11/4/08    Major Sports Café (Golden Valley)  35.63
11/17/08   Rix Bar & Grill                                     42.32
12/12/08  Papa’s Pizza                                          26.04
12/22/08  Bean Scene Too                                     4.13
12/22/08  Be’Wiched Deli                                    19.32
Total    $    886.26

CVS Pharmacy Purchases:

Date Paid to Amount

6/16/08    CVS Pharmacy     $      86.85
6/23/08    CVS Pharmacy             54.95
6/27/08    CVS Pharmacy             14.78
7/24/08    CVS Pharmacy             86.85
7/28/08    CVS Pharmacy             47.37
7/28/08    CVS Pharmacy           164.85
8/6/08      CVS Pharmacy           105.95
9/17/08    CVS Pharmacy             57.90
10/10/08  CVS Pharmacy             15.03
11/6/08    CVS Pharmacy             72.03
12/4/08    CVS Pharmacy             57.90
12/16/08  CVS Pharmacy            21.22
Total    $     785.68

Then there was the 6/13/08 charge of $95.70 for a motel room in Brooklyn Park.  For whom?

There were two charges totaling $201 for purchases from a fruit and vegetable farm in Waverly, MN, and an ornamental nursery in Hamel, MN.  Were these for the planters in Cottage Park?  Why purchase so far from North Minneapolis?[UPDATE:  Just found out these purchases were indeed for the planters in Cottage Park and they were made at the Farmers Market in North Minneapolis–A GOOD THING!]


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