JACC’s Dinner at JAX

  1. The current JACC executive director seems to not understand that when a grant is given to a non-profit organization for specific programs or uses, the granter expects that money to be used for those uses only.Another long time supporter of JACC, the General Mills Foundation, has also had its funds abused so frequently that I could not take the time or space to list them all here. One prime example is that on 9/6/07, someone from JACC charged $195 to the General Mills Bridges grant at JAX Cafe, a rather high priced steak house in NE Mpls. Last night I asked the ED who he took to dinner and how it was justified. Believe it or not, he smiled and said it was a strategic planning dinner meeting for the the board. Fortunately, there were only seven of fifteen board members left on the board by that time or the bill would have been at least twice that. At any rate, I went on to point out that the Bridges grant was not meant to be used in that manner, and he laughed and said it was for food and that’s what they got. The ‘food’ Gen’l Mills intended to pay for was supposed to go to block club meetings and National Night Out. Needless to say, I doubt Gen’l Mills will be giving anymore money to JACC as long as the current group is in control.

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  1. I challenge the JACC staff to post a copy of the receipt on the web. – MG

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