The Otto Bremer Grant – New Info!!!

New information came to light this week about the Otto Bremer grant.  A copy of the final report to Otto Bremer has finally come to light.  It makes for interesting reading.  Most significant is the fact that the final report, accounting for all of the expenditures of the grant money, is dated early February, 2007.

Now go back to the previous article about the grant and look at how much money was spent after that date.  According to the JACC financial records I have examined, $33,865.99 of the Otto Bremer $72,000+ grant funds were expended after the final report was given to Otto Bremer.  And, of course, none of that was spent on things the grant was to cover.  Amazing!!!


3 Responses

  1. You missed the part that the contract was for $800 a month but paid out $900, and that 2 checks were cut before the first pay date on the contract. And then that small part that the issuing of the contract was kept from the board despite a contractual obligation to report it.

    • I think you are referring to payments to Todd Barnes, right? I did discover a “contract” with him as Health Outreach Consultant that said he was to be paid $800 a month–and you are right: he was paid $900 a month. I may be wrong, but I think the two checks that were cut to him early were on a different contract–the one for the strategic plan. He was paid $2,500 and then $5,000 before he had the first meeting to discuss the strategic plan.

  2. Yikes!!! Thanks for keeping the community updated about this disappointing usage of the grant money. I had real high hopes for the work that was proposed when the grant was received. Please keep us posted with as much detail here as possible. We are reading and checking back!

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